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Fire Extinguishers

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Pre-Engineered Fire Suppression Systems

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First Aid Kits and Refills

Casper Fire Extinguisher Service Inc.

Saving lives for over 70 years

Long before there were federal requirements to warn of safety, hazardous materials, or security issues, it became our mission to provide life-saving fire and safety equipment and comprehensive safety training to those in need of it. We've succeeded in saving lives and property in Casper and Douglas, Wyoming, as well as the entire Rocky Mountain region for nearly 70 years, and look forward to doing so for countless years to come.

Highly Trained Technicians Keeping Your Wyoming Business Safe

Casper Fire Extinguisher Service Inc., in Casper, Wyoming, does more than just sell fire suppression systems and hand portable fire extinguishers to our valued clients – we make servicing that equipment our number one priority. We all know it is important to make sure you have the proper equipment installed in your home or business, but it's equally as important to ensure the equipment will work properly when it's needed.

When you work with Casper Fire Extinguisher Service, you’re working with highly trained and certified technicians. All our employees are certified through the manufacturers that produce the products we sell, and are also required to pass strict certification tests administered by Casper Fire Extinguisher Service Inc. If you live in the Casper or Douglas, Wyoming area give us a call today.

Don't Worry About Updates - We Keep You Informed!

The team at Casper Fire Extinguisher Service knows that most business owners have a thousand things on their mind over the course of a day, and making sure your safety equipment is up-to-date probably isn't always one of them. At Casper Fire Extinguisher Service Inc., we can take that responsibility off your shoulders and take it on ourselves.

Our computerized scheduling system for maintenance of your safety products ensures that we remind you when you need an inspection and then make sure to get it done for you in the time needed to stay compliant. Our clients in Casper, Wyoming, Douglas, Wyoming, and the Rocky Mountain area know that Casper Fire Extinguisher Service will take care of them. We will call you to make the appointment, come out and perform the maintenance and provide a full, detailed report of the state of your equipment. We'll then let you know when we'll be returning for the next required inspection.

On Call 24/7 For Your Safety Needs

Toll-Free: 1-800-OUT-FIRE (688-3473)

In Casper: (307) 237-8438


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